XBRL Filing Fees / Charges

XBRL Filing Fees

XBRL Filing Fees / Charges

If you are well versed in accounting principles, know XBRL format in depth and have ample time on your hand, go ahead and do your XBRL filing Singapore on your own. Otherwise, let our experts take care of the task. Our XBRL filing professional fees are as follows:

Our Fee for XBRL Conversion & Filing Services

Full XBRL on Company Level S$99 – S$999*
Full XBRL on Consolidated Level S$299 – S$999*

*All prices exclusive of 8% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

Hiring SBS Consulting to do your XBRL conversion and filing enables you to,

  • Get rid of a time-consuming and non-core accounting task, so that, you can focus your energies on the core goals of the business
  • Benefit from the top-notch services of Qualified and Experienced Accountants in the employ of SBS
  • Stay compliant with ACRA; SBS uses state-of-the-art accounting software to prepare your financial statements
  • XBRL Filing Cost – Outsourcing to us is less costly than maintaining an in-house accounting setup
  • One Stop Service – Accounts, ACRA and IRAS Returns filing
  • Specialized Team – Benefit from our expert advice on Tax Planning and Filing