XBRL Filing Services - OVERVIEW

Our range of fees for XBRL Conversion & Filing Services

Type of XBRL Range of fees (in SGD) Estimated time taken (in days)
Full XBRL on Company Level S$99 - S$999* 1-2 days
Full XBRL on Consolidated Level S$199 - S$999* 2-3 days
FSH S$99-S$599* 1 Day

*All prices exclusive of 8% GST (Goods and Services Tax)

To get our exact quote, please send us management accounts of your company such as audit report/unaudited financial statements at info@xbrlfilingservices.sg

  • Upon receipt, our expert will check report and send you exact quotation for your approval.
  • Upon approval, SBS Consulting will send you formal invoice.
  • Upon receipt of our fees, we will prepare XBRL file and send you with validation results.
  • You and your company secretary, just need to upload the file to ACRA while filling annual return.